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Marine litter: the NODC talks about it on RAI

26 February 2024

The interview with Matteo Vinci, technologist of the NODC for Radio Rai Radar FVG “Signals from science, from culture, from society” is available on Rai Play Sound at this link, from minute 23 and 55 seconds.

On 20 February this year, Vinci spoke at the RAI headquarters in Trieste about what is in our ocean, what should not be there, i.e. waste, and where it comes from. In this context, he explained the importance of the new version of the guide to monitoring marine litter in European seas, which was published by the European Commission last December.

“The European Union is a world leader in dealing with marine litter pollution” said Vinci, adding: “This is thanks to the funding of joint and standardised monitoring programmes that make it possible to collect comparable information on the basis of which analyses can be carried out to understand what is really in the environment”. Vinci also expressed NODC's satisfaction to have contributed to this new guide, given its long-standing collaboration with the European Commission's technical group coordinating the marine litter monitoring programme under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. More information about the guide can be found in this news.

During the interview we also talked about Citizen Science, in particular the benefits and limitations of data collected through specific applications and much more. But why should you spoil the pleasure of listening to the interview? Enjoy listening!