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The policy brief for ‘Nourishing Blue Economy and Sharing Ocean Knowledge’

15 October 2021

On 15 October, the Policy Brief ‘Nourishing Blue Economy and Sharing Ocean Knowledge’ was presented to the EU. The publication was issued in September 2021 by a cluster of ten innovative EU projects aimed at building ocean observation systems in support of evidence-based marine strategies.

OGS is proud to be participating in the following four project consortia, who set out the information, views and recommendations for sustainable ocean observation and management included in the publication: EuroSEA, AtlantECO, Eurofleets+, JericoS3. By speaking with one voice, the 10 projects jointly strive to achieve goals set out in the EU Green Deal, the Paris Agreement (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and the United Nations 2021-2030 Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Ocean Development.

All projects involved are listed below.

The five main points of the recommendations are:

  • Create a European Policy Framework for Scientific Ocean Observations Long-term Funding;
  • Support the Professionalisation of the Next Generation of ‘Blue Staff’;
  • Transform Data into Knowledge by Investing in IT Observations;
  • Define Global Standards and Interoperability Practices;
  • Strengthening Citizen Science for Policy, Equitable Access, Democratization and Critical Data Contributions.

The full policy brief can be downloaded here.

To get more information, please read EuroSEA press release.